Welcome to the home of Simply Skin, San Diego’s best kept secret for seriously effective acne and problematic skincare studio. Armed with the experience and know-how, we are dedicated to work with you in your quest for clear healthy skin.

Does it feel like you’ve tried everything ~ a gazillion products over the counter and prescription? Been promised that an acne system was going to be your answer to clear skin and it wasn’t? Found something that worked for a little while and then all of a sudden didn’t? Irritated and dried your skin out and never really cleared? If you have been dealing with acne for a long period of time, you may have lost hope that you can ever have the clear and beautiful skin that seems to come so simply to others.

Fortunately, you are in the right place. The Certified Acne Specialists at Simply Skin will provide you with a no nonsense, seriously effective skin care system that will clear your skin for good. With customized bi-weekly treatments, homecare products tailored exactly to your skin’s ongoing needs and sensitivities, partnering together we can achieve clear skin.

With an average of 6 treatments, we can safely clear your complexion without dermatologists or prescription medications in about 3 months.

Inflamed acne on cheeks and jawline. In her mid-twenties, this client had hormonal issues and eating an inflammatory diet. To get clear, she had to get her hormone levels in balance and cut down on her sugar intake. She was clear in about 4 months.

Extremely inflamed acne throughout. This client was using comedogenic products and eating an inflammatory diet. To get clear she lowered her dairy and sugar intake which were triggers for her acne. She also changed her products. She was clear in 4 months.

Extremely inflamed acne on cheeks and hairline. This client was using comedogenic products. To get clear she changed her products. She was clear in 3 months.

Non-inflamed concentrated on forehead and hairline. This client had non-inflamed acne throughout, with occasional inflammation that was usually a result of dietary choices. This client was using comedogenic products, and had a highly-inflammatory diet. To get clear he changed his products. He didn’t get 100% clear due to his dietary choices. He was extremely happy with the clearing achieved. He was 90% clear in about 6 months.

• We will help clear up your acne in 3-6 months, by using the most effective treatments in the industry including lifestyle  education and truly acne-safe skincare products.
• No single silver bullet will cure your acne, but it can be effectively and sustainably controlled.
• We will show you how, and stay by your side every step of the way.
• We believe in full transparency, and will answer your questions and keep you informed about each step in the  clearing process.
• Every treatment and every product serves a purpose in the clearing process.
• Sustainability is critical to success. Creating a one-time clearing of your skin is not the outcome we desire. Instead,  we define success
as ongoing and sustainable clearing of your skin.
While other acne clinics may utilize similar philosophies of holistic healing, what sets us apart is the addition of the state of the art DermaSound Elite Ultrasonic machine as a part of our acne-clearing process. This amazing machine adds extra hydration, tissue healing and regeneration as part of your acne treatment. You will also experience lessened redness and inflammation throughout the process because of incorporating this machine into your treatments.
Starting a new skincare regimen can be scary, so knowing what to expect when you come in for your first appointment will be helpful.

The first time you come in, we will do a thorough consultation which will include:

• Go over your skin, acne and health history
• Analyze your skin type, acne type and complete a skin sensitivity test
• Review lifestyle habits that may be contributing to your acne
• Take some photographs to document your progress
• Provide you with a holistic plan for the treatments and products that you will need to get clear
• Complete a full acne exfoliating treatment, including extractions

After your first appointment we will look forward to seeing your progress every two weeks. This is necessary because its not just about sending you home with the right products its all about having the correct routine and tools while using those products. We check in with you every two weeks to make sure your skin stays receptive without causing irritation or dehydration. Skin can become accustomed to products and then become less effective over time. We start out slowly pushing your skin little by little. At every appointment we will either make adjustments or keep things the same. You wont be left trying to figure things out on your own. We’ll be here for you every step of the way. We’ll help you tackle your acne head on, providing strong products with a specific and balanced approach that is not overly harsh.
Depending on your compliance to the acne-safe lifestyle, skin care regimen and regular treatments, the average client sees marked improvement after 1 month, and clarity after 3 months. Lifestyle adjustments, following the program to a tee and exclusive use of our products is 100% necessary in order for you to clear. If the skin is slow to heal, purge, or if there is a systemic imbalance present, the time to clarity may be longer, more like 6 months, or until the systemic issues are addressed. We will be completely transparent with you throughout the process and if we suspect you are not clearing within the norm we will let you know. There are certain acne types that take much longer to clear.
Our success rate is at least 90-95%, as long as our program is given a fair shot. If we feel your case is going to take longer, or be more complicated, we will advise you of this as soon as possible, and be honest to whether or not we can help you and if so, how much we can help. We have a network of holistic practitioners to strengthen your regimen if we feel that the acne is just a side effect of a larger, systemic problem. Please keep in mind that we are not doctors and do not diagnose or prescribe; but we are Certified Acne Specialists that can evaluate and recommend.

We are here for you every step of the way and are passionate about helping you clear. This will not be an overnight process. Commitment, compliance, and a lot of patience are really important as we embark on this journey together.

If you are ready to see the amazing skin hiding underneath your acne, give us a call today at Simply Skin. You will fall in love with your face all over again!

The first appointment is scheduled for about 90 minutes and subsequent appointments for an hour. When you start to get clearer and there are less extractions to do, treatments will take less and less time.
Typically we charge about $140 (give or take $10) for the set of products you initially take home. Most of the products last you quite a long time. The real active ones are purposefully put in smaller containers as these will be strengthened at different points in your treatment plan. Your initial consultation and treatment is $135. Each subsequent treatment is $95.

90 MINUTES – $135

For all new acne clients, Simply Skin requires an initial consultation and treatment. This allows us to identify underlying causes of your acne, teach you how to correct them, create a custom treatment plan and regimen for you based on your skin’s needs, and begin the clearing process.

Your first appointment with us emphasizes the analytical and educational aspect of our work, which ensures you the proper treatment plan for a lifetime of clear skin. The first part of the appointment is an in-depth consultation that examines your skin, health history and lifestyle. We will uncover the underlying imbalances that are causing acne, and teach you how to correct them. The second phase of the appointment is a hands-on skin analysis, where we document your baseline complexion, and determine your skin care regime. The last phase is where we share with you information on the skin-changing, acne-safe lifestyle, and we present to you your custom treatment and regimen plan.

60 MINUTES – $95

Thorough extractions purge existing acne and a chemical peel and/or an enzyme mask exfoliates skin, smoothing overall texture and flushing deep acne impactions to the surface. To finish ultrasound is used to nourish the skin, repair and rebalance and encourage healthy skin recovery and faster healing.